Reinforced Soil Steep Slopes

REINFORCED SOIL STEEP SLOPES are an attractive option for the construction of embankments and fill slopes for hill roads where the available right of way is not adequate to form safe slopes (typically 1V:2H) but can accommodate a steep slope. With introduction of horizontal layers of geosynthetic reinforcement and provision of appropriate slope face protection, slopes with face angles up to 70  with horizontal can be constructed.

Slopes Flatter than 45o, generally do not require a special facing. Provision of secondary reinforcement along with vegetation would be adequate in most situations. It is generally advisable to provide an erosion control blanket or turf reinforcement mat to enhance the effectiveness of vegetation.

Wrap-around Facing is generally required for slopes steeper than 45o, to ensure slope face stability. An arrangement to contain fill during placement and compaction of fill is also required. This may consist of temporary form work, climbing form work, soil-filled bags, L shaped welded wire mesh panels, gabions etc. Face treatment should also include appropriate measures to support and sustain the growth of vegetation. Sustaining vegetation on slopes steeper than 2V:1H, could be a challenge and may require special measures.

Hard Facing may be used in situations, where it is difficult to sustain vegetation. Available options include galvanized steel welded wire mesh supported rock face and gabions.

Bio-engineering Techniques could be combined with soil reinforcement techniques to design stable, economical, durable and aesthetically pleasing slope stabilization solutions for a variety of situations. Vetiver Grass has been found to develop a very deep, dense and strong root system which offers a high level of erosion protection.