Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls

Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls offer proven, reliable, durable and cost- effective solutions for a wide range of earth retention problems:

Approaches to underpasses, flyovers and road over bridges

  • Approaches to road under bridges and rail flyovers
  • Highways and railway high embankments in locations with right-of-way restrictions
  • Highways and railways in hilly areas
  • Airports in hilly areas
  • Site development for residential, commercial and industrial projects

Facings for reinforced soil wall include a wide range of options to suit site constraints and requirements, wall height, subsurface conditions, design life, aesthetics etc. Available options include:

  • Precast concrete discrete panels
  • Precast concrete segmental blocks
  • Gabions
  • Welded wire mesh with rock
  • Welded wire mesh with vegetation
  • Geocells

Connection between the soil reinforcement and the facing is a critical component of the reinforced soil wall. Sachi Geosynthetics uses proven, safe and durable connections to ensure satisfactory performance for the entire design life of the structure

Sachi Geosynthetics has extensive experience and proven capabilities in turn-key execution of geogrid reinforced soil walls for various applications and with a wide range of facings. Projects completed include more than 3.50 Lakhs sqm of Reinforced Soil Wall face area and 25000 sqm of Reinforced Slopes area. It has to its credit major achievements like:

  • True Geogrid reinforced soil bridge abutment
  • 15.5m high single tier geogrid reinforced soil wall with discrete panel facing